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Saturday, July 31, 2010

Writers of the Faith

Writers of faith need to have some outlets that get them reaching out to other people of faith. Here are a few places where you may want to post comments or status updates, even join similar groups. I do not consider this an exhaustive list by any means.

Christian Connecting
You have to get on (created by I love it and get some great feedback when I add link or text contributions and bookmark Scriptures. There are faithful folks on the site worth following. I like Shoutlife and its author groups, too.

Try or for blogging. Great stats and data for bloggers. Even if you use Blogger or some other blogging platform, you can import posts into Wordpress. I do so with via the Ministry Mechanic with Blogger imports and FeedBurner.

Consider using or to connect with other authors, post links to your work, or just share/ tweet random thoughts and words of inspiration.

Look into using a site like , or to write articles on topics related to faith or your profession. Get feedback and keep working at your craft.

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