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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Ministry Makeover

Ministry Makeover

When what you really need is more than a touch-up.

Some ministries are in need of a makeover. Our experience working with minitries of varying sizes has led us to develop a ministry makeover. A ministry makeover allows ministry leaders to start the wheels turning for directional change in changing times.

Imagine trying to launch a new program without a communications plan. (Don’t laugh! That’s how some long-standing churches have started to split.) People can’t get on board when they haven’t been invited along for the ride. Picture a ministry expecting 100% participation from their congregation when they have not considered both internal and external factors such as conflicting community events or existing church programs already on the church’s calendar. People don’t buy in when they haven’t been sold on the idea.

Yes, the Lord is by our side. Prayer does change things and the Lord does yield the increase. Yet, we are to offer our best efforts in faith, exercising every resource that the Lord has provided to us. Let our team help you with what we have to offer through our Ministry Makeover. Contact us via email and discover some simple strategies for serving the Lord more effectively and efficiently.

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