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Saturday, July 31, 2010

Board Funding Options

Nonprofit boards come in all shapes and sizes. Whether secular or faith-based, all boards are expected to have board member positions and responsibilities outlined in their bylaws and articles of incorporation. Depending on the type of organizational structure, this may also be located in the charter or covenant. It is required to be in place somewhere.

The issue is not usually about whether it is in place or not. The issue usually has more to do with upholding what board members signed on to do as part of being on the board. In most cases, the board has "fiduciary responsibility." It is not just management and oversight. It is not simply about leadership and vision.

Boards have options for raising funds:
  • Give funds
  • Get funds
  • Get off the board

It sounds crazy, even harsh and cold. Yet, it is a reality. You were recruited for the board for your skills and abilities, expertise and connections, or at least that was the intent. What in-kind services have you legitimately offered your board? What expertise have you shared with your team? How have you utilized your community connections to strengthen or support the executive leadership in place? You can help. You just need to develop a plan for helping out the best way that you can. Your organization is depending on you.

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