Saturday, May 31, 2014

Counting on the Wrong Thing

Give us aid against the enemy, for human help is worthless.- Psalm 108:12 (NIV)

Let's put this in perspective.

If you have a legitimate problem, then you are in need of some real help.

What some folks have to offer just isn't real help.  It is worthless.

The plea within this psalm is for help or aid against an enemy or foe.  Actually, it is a plea for help from a specific enemy.  The psalm says the enemy.  Thus, the enemy must be known by both the victim and rescuer.

We realize in the midst of our own turmoil and struggles how useless some types of help amounts to when weighed against what we are going through at the time.  


Talk is cheap when you need to spring into action.  Mere words offer little consolation when you are in the heat of a major conflict that needs immediate resolutions.


Money can do a lot, but it doesn't solve everything.  In all honesty, some of the "true riches" that the Lord spoke of were the things that stood out in life despite how much money one had accumulated.


If someone is going to stab you in your back, they have to get close to you.  The attack is in close proximity to you.  No one can get any closer to you than family, even some friends.  Beware that it often hurts our hearts more that it someone we cared for and loved than the actual damage caused by the gossip, innuendo  and smear campaigns.

It is better to take refuge in the LORD than to trust in humans. - Psalm 118:8 (NIV)

Get your help from the right source.  Know that your real help comes from on high.  Tap into the Lord's powerful ability and availability.  Let Him know your troubles.  Give them over to Him in sincere, consecrated prayer.  Allow Him to empower you with the Spirit of God that embodies every believer.

Do not put your trust in princes, in human beings, who cannot save.- Psalm 146:3 (NIV)

If you tell Him, trust Him.  If you trust Him, take every ounce of what He offers to you in faith and with joy, knowing that He gives us what we do not deserve (grace) and that He spares us of what we truly deserve (mercy).

You can count on Him.

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Almost New Wineskins for the Same Old Ministry

Part of my experience as a minister has been working with young men and other men in the local church's men's ministry and through A.M.E.N. under Life Path Ministries.  I see a lot of young men who have made wrong or unwise choices when I preach at the Consolidated Brig on a monthly basis for their Protestant worship services.  I write a lot of poetry on my own experiences like I did in my last e-book of poems,  Writing the Wrongs.  Somehow, I know that something has to be used to help with our predicament.

I write this post with a heavy heart for what I have seen and heard from our men who are behind bars and down and out on their luck, whether it be on the streets on their own or still at home.  This is to provide young people and the people who work with them with some handy resources and information to do more in the same ministries.

National Network for Youth Ministries (NNYM) has been one of my favorite site's and offers great updates, newsletters and information for youth workers and youth leaders.  I discovered them when we started a mentoring program through our church's faith-based nonprofit agency.  I love what they offer those who serve youth.  They are seriously resourceful to many of us in the field of ministry.

The Body by Chuck Colson is a must-read.
Also, check out:

Youth leaders could benefit from articles on compassion and caring for others as well as fundraising and leading groups.  Check out the article on youth leadership strategies that I had posted some time ago.

I pray that this leads to some new ideas and some innovations in the ministry.  I pray that we do not continue to see a decline in college enrollments and increases in prison sentences.

Perhaps, we will see a decline in our young folks desiring to live like reality TV stars and seek to live more like the real Jesus who came and died for the sins of the earth.  That can only come as we try to use some new wineskins or at least almost new ones.

Sunday, January 5, 2014

Getting Down to the Nuts and Bolts of Evangelism

"He that winneth souls is wise." - Proverbs 11:30

Winning souls is of high importance.  It is a priority for the Christian and the local church.  In order to win souls, you have to be engaged in some aspect of evangelism.

In many cases, we have regulated evangelism to a few generalized activities rather than a broad range of diverse activities that impact and influence people to engage in a relationship with Christ.  Truthfully, evangelism is a mixture of both of these.

According to Vine's Expository Dictionary, "evangelize" means to proclaim glad tidings; preach the gospel (Luke 1:19; 9:6; Acts 21:8).  When we participate in activities that share the gospel, the "good news" about Jesus Christ, we are involved in evangelizing.

Our evangelistic activities should span beyond simply inviting people to worship services and events at our local church.  All that is saying is that someone has to come onto our territory in order to get what we have to offer.  That is not the type of evangelism that wins souls.  That simply gets them through the door for the pulpit and the choir to do the work of the soul winning.

Charles Spurgeon said it profoundly when he said:"Our main business is to win souls." Winning souls is work.  The Bible references good works as a means for opening the door for winning souls.  For example, in Matthew 5:16, we see that by letting our light shine, others will see our good works and call upon the Father in heaven.  As we do good works, we begin to get people engaged and interacting with the people of God for a good cause.  As we do more good for those around us, it will begin to get the people who benefited from those good works to look beyond us and to our source of support and strength.

In 2014, we will look at more of the nuts and bolts of evangelism.  We will begin to discover that we can do more and discover the power that God has given to us to influence, inspire and impact our fellow man, just by letting our lights shine before men.

Stay tuned for more on this topic as we engage in an ongoing effort to strengthen the church and the Christian to do more with what God has already given to us.