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Friday, July 9, 2010

12 Things to Change Your Ministry

Ministry Mechanics:
12 Things to Change Your Ministry (And This World)

1. Pray for God's will, not just success (Matthew 26:39)
2. Study the Bible (morning, noon and night) (Psalm 1:2)
3. Promote Christian fellowship (Romans 14:19)
4. Reach out to someone like Christ did (Mark 16:15)
5. Speak kindly of and to others (Matthew 5:44)
6. Give graciously (Luke 6:38)
7. Support others in recovery and restoration (Exodus 6:6)
8. Train your replacement (John 13:15)
9. Market your ministry (Psalm 34:1)
10. Build a community (Acts 2:44)
11. Develop a personal mission statement (Isaiah 61:1-2)
12. Worship while you "work" (Psalm 100:2)

There are numerous other activities that one could do, but these 12 serve as a starting point to keep in mind as you seek to bring about change. If you are going to serve as an "agent of change," you will need to be ready and willing to implement change.

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