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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

E is for Enterprising

"An enterprise, when fairly once begun, should not be left till all that ought is won." - William Shakespeare

Complete Works of William Shakespeare ~ 197 Plays, Poems & SonnetsEntrepreneurs need to see themselves as enterprising.  That's an entirely differently slant than simply as a person in business.  You should seek to build an enterprise.

Anyone with an entrepreneurial spirit can envision multiple layers to their business.  They see various modules and components, divisions and departments, all part of the business itself.  As ideas are generated and developed, the entrepreneur begins to see how each piece if the puzzle fits together in harmony in order to form the big picture for the expanded business.

Let yourself become more enterprising.  Explore new ideas and new ways to generate ideas related to your business.  Enlarge the scope of your vision towards enterprising.

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