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Friday, September 24, 2010

Keep Your Options in Perspective

"Sooner or later, usually sooner, a business requires a decision." - Peter Drucker

All of your options are not equal.  Some are broad and wide open, while others are slim and narrow.  Each option must be evaluated.  Once you know your options and what each entails, then you can decide which option is a best fit for you and your organization.

Take a moment and list all of your options for the decision that you are facing.  Consider the pros and cons.  Weigh each option carefully.  Look down the road and see the potential impact each will have on your organization and those tied to your organization.  You want to evaluate your options to see what you and your organization can live with.  Nothing is final during this stage.  You are simply processing your options and putting them in proper perspective based upon the factors at hand.

If it will keep you up at night and cause you to lose sleep, that may not be your best option if you have other choices.  If it is something that will lead you down a path that will cause damage and destruction for you and your organization, consider exploring other options.  If you need to wait for another option to come about, you must ask yourself if timeliness is factor or not.  Waiting could prove costly if you need an immediate decision.  As you explore your options, maintain your focus.  Keep in mind what you are seeking to do.  You do not want to drift or detour from the main objective while exploring your options to solve the problem and make a sound decision.

Options exist.  You must fully explore and evaluate your options, and then exercise the best option that you have available to you.  There are moral and ethical considerations, especially for people of faith.  You probably have more options available to you than you think.  The goal is to identify what you can and cannot live with as a final decision.  Yet, it is inevitable that you make a decision, sooner or later.

  • Explore your options
  • Evaluate your options
  • Exercise your best option

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