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Sunday, September 5, 2010

Google All the Way

Google all the way!
Yes, I said: Google all the way!
I mean it.
If you are only using the number one search engine for Internet searches, you are truly under utilizing the behemoth of Internet companies.  The Google machine has ran ahead of most companies in the technology revolution, acquiring smaller companies and integrating all sorts of applications and software. 

I am an avid Google user.  Just as your Macheads swear by Steve Jobs and everything Mac, there are those who cannot live without their Gmail or Chrome.  Some swear by the ease of the applications, whether they have been fully tested or are still in beta.  Daily, I am on Gmail, confirming appointments and meetings on Google Calendar, searching videos and music on YouTube, creating forms and spreadsheets on Google Docs, and I most certainly get the most out of Blogger and Google Analytics with my daily blog.   Google makes much of what used to be tiresome and tedious very easy and accessible.

Explore all of what Google has to offer.  Google's applications rival much of what may be offered for iPhone and Black Berry users.  I am not an big fan of iGoogle.  I must admit that I just haven't taken much time to explore all of its capabilities.  Also, I use Google Buzz but I am still working with Twitter and LinkedIn for my micro-blogging. 

I may have said Google all the way, but I did not say abandon everything else just because Google has a compatible application or program.  Some of your work may still require the usage of Microsoft applications or other proprietary software.

I really just want you to explore what Google has available for FREE or a low cost and see what can save you some unnecessary costs.  In this day and age, trimming costs makes a difference.  Google has solutions that can help businesses small and large, even churches and nonprofits.  Look into it and see what they have to offer.

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