Monday, September 20, 2010

Inclusion in the Body

"Only through Him are we one."- Dietrich Bonhoeffer

We need to seek growth in our individual members rather than growth in our membership.

The church's growth can stem from how the church grows each individual.  Part of the responsibility in Christian leadership is to feed His sheep.  We can help individuals grow on two levels: individualistic and inclusive.  As far as individualistic, we have to get personal.  We need to personalize our discipleship.  Use mentors and spiritual coaches or guides.  Look at Titus 2 to see how Paul prescribes the development of the people by the people.  In addition, we need to use strategies that make individuals feel included.  These are called "inclusive strategies." People feel that they are part of the Christian family, part of the larger group.  They feel connected and included in the ministry and work of the church.  We do so through fellowship and discipleship, coming alongside of an individual and surrounding them with care and love.

People need to feel:
  • Invited, not itemized
  • Included, not isolated
  • Involved, not intimidated
Don't let anyone under your care feel like you do not care about them.  Extend yourselves in grace and love with compassion and concern.  Make individuals feel included.  Become unified and live together as one body under Christ.  By doing so, these same members will share with others about the difference that the church has made in their Christian walk and lead others to Christ and possibly to your church.

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