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Sunday, January 9, 2011

Makeover for Mondays

Office Space - Special Edition with Flair (Widescreen Edition)

Got a case of the Mondays?  Much like the lead character played by Ron Livingston in Office Space, you may find yourself in such a predicament.  You may dread getting ready and going in to work.  That may be your issue with Mondays.

Change that malfunction into a makeover.  Approach Mondays with a new freshness.  Try some things that may get you going on Mondays.

  • Schedule your catch-up time at the end of the day Monday (after lunch may be best).
  • "Monitor of Motivation": Adjust your screen saver and the settings to where an inspirational or motivational message scrolls across the screen when you come in on Mondays. Be sure to change it every Friday.
  • Schedule a special lunch (with your wife, old buddy from high school or a retired mentor).  Get out of the office and strike up a conversation about anything but work
  • Sunday Set-Up: Set your mind on work some time Sunday evening- maybe right after 60 Minutes.  Get your first orders of business together for the next day.  See if it helps .

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