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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Economies of Scale

We should be cognizant of economies of scale.  In our lives and our businesses, we need to be mindful of each endeavor and how it impacts other plans and wishes.  It can happen in ministry, too.  The church is not immune to fiscal issues.  You have to weigh all of your options in light of your resources.  Times like these require managers and leaders to see how they can scale back services, employee hours, and hours of operation. Yes, the overall economy is not pretty at all.  However, taking charge of the situation works way better than becoming overwhelmed.

Scale up and scale down.
  • Scale Up: savings, efficiency, and standards
  • Scale Down: costs, expenses and wasted resources
When it comes to running a tight ship, you just have to tighten things up where you can and how you can.  You don't want to work on the wrong thing.

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