Saturday, January 15, 2011

Discover Your Gold Mine

Ask someone in Northern California, typically called the "Gold Country," and you will discover some unique history about California's Gold Rush.  You will learn about Eureka, the original Forty-Niners (not Steve Young, Jerry Rice and those Super Bowl winners) and early settlers like the MormonsGold brought about a lot of changes for what was once a wild Mexican province where the worst companies of soldiers were assigned due to the rampant bandits and Indians in the area.

What is your gold mine? Where is there hidden treasure buried or simply sitting just out of your reach?  Have you sought it out? Have you discovered any?

You need to a few suggested steps in order to discover your own gold mine these days.  If you seek this discovery wholeheartedly, you may also discover some interesting things about your character as you go along.

  • Explore:  You have to start searching.  Dig through what you have and discover.  Search on the Internet and discover what opportunities exist.  Contact old classmates and see what they may know about openings or upcoming contracts.  You've got to go and get involved right where discoveries can be made.  If it's your skills and expertise, dust off your old thinking cap.  If it is a new discovery, look at how to expand it to others who may need it or want it.
  • Expedite:  Let your movements be swift and strategic.  Get to it and get it done.  Don't allow yourself to get captivated by the researching and searching, thinking of it as a "piece of cake." Keep your main objective in mind and stick to it.  Know when to move on and when to dig in deeper.  Your experience will begin to teach you long before a hound dog could hunt down a raccoon.
  • Experiment:  Numerous ways were used for discovering gold in California.  Panning was popular, but you also had some diggers with pick axes and others who used dynamite and other explosives, even the power of high pressure water.  Experiment with various methods to get your discovery out in a professional manner.  Try something out for a season or a quarter, evaluate it and go from there.  Keep your ideas fresh and keep them coming.
  • Express: Gold miners of those early days were known for exclaiming their discoveries.  You do just the same.  Get your pr campaign rolling out with good news about what is happening with you.  Make your press releases and announcements speak volumes by being bountiful and brief.

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