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Saturday, January 19, 2013

Finding the Strength to Love

"Evil is stark, grim and colossally real." - Martin Luther King, Jr., Strength to Love

With MLK Day approaching us, I thought it would help to remind us of the prophetic words of Dr. King that still echo from the past.  Through his sermons on Christ-like love, Dr. King offered us a solution for the prevalent evil that exists on earth and among mankind.  In essence, Dr. King urged us all to seek the higher calling of living lives that offered the love of Christ to others.

Imagine if we found the strength to love in ministry.  We would embrace the lost souls who returned to Christ with repent hearts and restore them back into the fold with joy and forgiveness.  Look at how Dr. King took on the example of Jesus Christ.

Picture how it would be if we found the strength to love through our businesses.  We would extend love to our employees and business partners as we held ourselves and those under our authority to a higher standard of customer service.  We would show our customers and vendors how Christians in business could operate a business with God as the ultimate authority over all matters.


Can you find the strength to love? Is it still possible to overcome evil with the love of Christ? You will only know by trying to imitate Christ and His love in all of your ways for all of your days.  Find the strength to love.

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