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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Prayer Power

 "If you are too busy to pray then you are too busy." -W. E. Sangster

I got a copy of a book that truly changed my prayer life about 3 or 4 months ago.  W.E. Sangster's Teach Me to Pray spoke right into my personal life as well as my business life.  As a minister, it helped me to see how I need to assist others who need to organize prayer groups in the local Christian community.  As a businessman, it helped me see that I had done little to bring spiritual support and strength into secular interactions.  It helped me to see that prayer was something that could be done at lunch break and how prayer ministries could even meet after work and off site.  I realized that I wasn't putting my business matters in the hands of God with the same due diligence that I would approach my spiritual or church matters, even ministry matters.  I decided to commit to praying for my partners, vendors and clients as much as I have prayed for my fellow brethren, God's saintly sheep and the visitors and guests to our local church.

For those in business or in a business environment where you have identified other Christians:
  • Partner Up:  Make the commitment to pray for and with someone else.  Pray for them and the needs of their family on your own during your morning and evening prayer time with God.  Pray with the person at lunch or a scheduled break, even right after work in the parking lot. 
    Commit to a prayer partnership.
  • Pray Up: Lift your petitions to God. You can do so silently at your desk in your cubicle.  You can simply say a prayer under your breath in a short moment.  I like Spurgeon when he says: "Short prayers are long enough."  Keep it strong and spiritual but short.
  • Power Up: Let your prayers power you and your prayer partner throughout the day at work. Have you ever prayed and felt the Holy Spirit keeping you uplifted longer than you ever imagined? I have been there.  It excites me to know that the same Spirit is seeking and searching souls that will fill the air with praises as He fills their hearts with joy.
Check out other books on prayer:
Spurgeon on Prayer & Spiritual Warfare, C.H. Spurgeon

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