Sunday, September 1, 2013

Biblical Business Principles for Your Book Shelf

Christians who are in business could always use some help, especially the type of help that can build up their faith as well as strengthen their skills or abilities to manage a workplace balance.  I have compiled a list of my favorite Bible-inspired books for business owners and leaders.

Jesus CEO Laurie Beth Jones
This is definitely an all-time and hands-down exceptional book that is also an easy read.  Jones shares anecdotes, examples and  illustrations that interweave with the Scriptures for a delightful book on leadership.

Running with Giants John C. Maxwell
Maxwell takes the reader on an inspirational journey through the hall of Faith (Hebrews 11).  He utilizes the biblical sketches of these standout biblical characters to inspire and uplift business professionals as they seek to grow their own faith as much as they seek to succeed at growing their business.

God is My CEO Larry Julian
Julian breaks down the principles required of Christians to succeed in the business world by highlighting the lives of successful Christian business men and women.  These profiles provide a wide breadth of pointers for Christians in need of inspiration and insights into the real bottom line.

The Management Methods of Jesus Bob Briner
Bob Briner lays out a compact book that packs a powerful punch.  He shares his personal business journey as a Christian in the sports media world.  He accentuates each chapter with the methods Jesus utilized with His disciples and others.  This is a great book for first-time managers who fear that their faith might endanger their own success.

Business by the Book Larry Burkett

This is a must-read for any Christian who works in the world or even in the church as an employee or volunteer.  Let Burkett's mastery of money matters and biblical principles sink deep into your soul and mind.  After reading this, you will find some real nuggets for getting ahead in business while maintaining your integrity.

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