Monday, September 5, 2011

Taking on The Messiah on the Move

The beginning of the gospel of Jesus Christ, the Son of God. - Mark 1:1 (NKJV)
The Gospel of Mark is an action-filled account of the life and ministry of Jesus Christ.  It has oftentimes been referred to as the Gospel of Jesus in action or on the move.  It reveals Jesus' comings and goings, His teaching and doings.  The shortest of all four of the New Testament's Gospels, the Gospel of Mark shows Jesus in the midst of serving, performing miracles and preaching messages throughout the land.
James Earl Jones Reads The Bible
Take this challenge.  Try reading the Gospel of Mark in one sitting.  If you cannot see yourself doing such a thing, try to get in throughout one single weekend.  It's only 16 chapters.  Even if you read a single chapter each day, you could finish the Gospel of Mark in its entirety in a little over two weeks. 
The Word of Promise New Testament MP3 Audio BibleReading may not be your thing either.  Try listening to the Gospel of Mark.  I often listen to the Bible over the Internet via sites like  I prefer the dramatic readings of the Bible.  That's just my preference.  You can even get a copy of the Bible on CD or downloaded to your MP3 or iPod, so that you can listen to it on your drive to work or while you work out or do the dishes.  Today's technology offers you many options.
The King James Bible (with book and chapter navigation Kindle LG)The Gospel of Mark (Life Lessons)Take in the Gospel of Mark.  Once you have taken it in, take on the Gospel of Mark.  See how you can serve with more sacrifice after experiencing the Gospel of Mark.  Make some changes to your approach to ministry and good works based upon what you read and what the red letters of the Gospel have stated as kingdom priorities.  Take it on and check yourself on how well you do in regards to the carrying out your calling of service in His name.

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