Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Fool Coverage

Life@Work GroupZine: The Art of Balance
The fool has said in his heart, “There is no God.”- Psalm 53:1 (NKJV)

Foolish notions come from foolish people.  In life, your best bet may be to keep away from foolishness.  In business, it makes even more sense to do so.

I started reading Steve Marr's Business Proverbs some years ago and I always go back to it as a devotional reading when I see myself sinking into a lull of seemingly foolish decisions in business and ministry.  The book is a great resource that can keep one grounded in a biblically-based mindset for sound business practices.

Bob Briner is also a great read when it comes to management and leadership for Christians. I like The Leadership Lessons of Jesus and Roaring Lambs, but I truly have been blessed by reading The Management Methods of Jesus. 

Additionally, I have found other authors to present Christian principles for business practices in some profound and insightful books.  Laurie Beth Jones did so through The Path and Teach Your Team to Fish.  Larry Burkett's Business by the Book still speaks volumes to any budding Christian entrepreneur or manager.

The Management Methods of Jesus: Ancient Wisdom for Modern Business
You have to engage in an intentional effort to remain ethical in these days.  Don't let an uptick in sells numbers sway your thinking.  Maintain your resolve in times where fudging the numbers a bit won't hurt anyone- or so they say.  Make it your business to handle your business matters like the Master.  Make it fool-proof.  That makes sense, even if the fool is you from time to time.

Try out some of the above-mentioned titles and some others listed below:

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